The HCT Chapels where you can be legally married are as follows, with the tradition for the ceremony permitted for that place:

  • Todmorden Unitarian Church, Yorkshire - Unitarian (including same sex weddings)
  • Salem Chapel, South Devon - Independent Christian
  • Walpole Old Chapel, Suffolk - United Reformed /Congregational
  • Penrose, North Cornwall - Methodist
  • St George's German Church, Aldgate, London - German Lutheran (English or German language)
  • Biddlestone Chapel, Northumberland - Roman Catholic
  • Cote Chapel, Oxfordshire - Baptist / United Reformed

Same Sex Marriages

Todmorden Unitarian Church is now registered for religious marriages in the Unitarian tradition between two men or between two women. We hope to register other buildings we own for same sex marriages soon.

Religious Marriages

Many of Historic Chapels Trust buildings chapels are registered for religious marriages. They make great settings for weddings and for ceremonial events. We offer marriages according to the tradition of the building - see the list above - and register your marriage on the spot, as in any church wedding.

Civil Ceremonies

However if you prefer a civil ceremony we offer a fine venue for blessings, celebrations and handfastings after you complete your legal ceremony at a registry office, giving you the best of both worlds. Under UK law we cannot offer civil ceremonies at any of our buildings, only religious ones.