Our vital volunteers

Historic Chapels Trust is lucky to have active volunteer groups supporting most of our chapels; thanks to them the chapels are available to visit. Our volunteers also organise a range of events at the chapels as well as helping with all sorts of day-to-day maintenance tasks.  

Volunteers help us run our small London office at St George's German Lutheran Church in Aldgate. Chapel volunteer committees host websites and Facebook pages for their chapels.

HCT operates with a tiny staff, so our 220 volunteers are absolutely vital.

Join our volunteers!

Do consider helping HCT by joining the volunteer team at one of our chapels.  There are opportunities for volunteers to help in many ways, such as opening the chapel to visitors, organising events, helping with routine maintenance and even, in some, bell-ringing.  If you are interested to find out more please contact us via this website; please indicate which chapel you would like to support with your time and expertise and we will redirect.

If you are not able to help us as a volunteer, please consider becoming a supporter of HCT.