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West Gallery musicians
West Gallery music is name given to the ensemble music played in chapels and churches throughout much of England in the Georgian period. It rapidly fell from favour in Victorian times but has undergone a recent revival as community music making.
Font at Todmorden Unitarian Church
Baptism is an ancient ceremony, with roots in pre-Christian times. HCT's chapels show a variety of attitudes to it.
Farfield Meeting House without shutters, 2015
Window shutters or not ... What is the Quaker way?
Hardman stained glass
HCT owns two chapels where stained glass windows by the celebrated Birmingham firm of Hardman & Co are —or rather were — major features. The challenge now is to put them back...
The Wallasey Reredos
The reredos at Unitarian Church, Wallasey, is one of the finest works, and probably the largest, from the Birkenhead Della Robbia workshop, open from 1894 to 1906. There was an important family connection between the church and pottery.
Penrose Primitive Methodist chapel, Cornwall
An illustrated Introduction to the architecture of nonconformism.
Todmorden with Unitairna Church Spire - Fielden's memorial
Liberal in religion, radical in his causes, independent and determined in parliament, John Fielden's memorial is Todmorden Unitarian Church.