Cote Baptist Chapel

Cote, Near Bampton, Oxfordshire | Listed Grade II*

History and Architecture

The site of Cote Chapel was acquired in 1703–4 by a group of worshippers who previously met at Longworth on the other side of the Thames. In the 1750s the chapel was enlarged or more probably rebuilt to its present size, the capacity being increased in 1756 by the addition of a gallery. In 1859 the interior furnishings were moved around, the pulpit being removed from the south to the west wall, and seating being amply provided in box pews.

The chapel has stone walls with pitched roofs covered in the local stone slate. The truncated front gable incorporates a screen wall which crosses the central valley and is surmounted by a stone panel. In the burial ground are many 18th-century intricately carved headstones. The monument to the Williamson family is listed grade II.

A free 2-page guide can be downloaded here.

This Chapel is registered for Baptist marriages - for more details contact us.

Repair and Regeneration

HCT completed a programme of repairs including the provision of new kitchens, WCs and two committee rooms.

The chapel can now be used for a range of community activities such as concerts and conferences. Weddings can be arranged.

The burial ground is unlocked and open to the public.

Supporting Cote Baptist Chapel

A 14-page lavishly illustrated in colour guide is available from the London office address at a price of £5.00 Please make cheques payable to HCT.